One-to-One &
small group sessions

Each session is uniquely sculpted to meet your enquiry. Drawing on the fields of Somatics, Yoga, Meditation and Embodied Nature Connection, I will create a personalised practice to support your intention.

These sessions may include yin yoga, practices in deep rest, sensory tracking dialogue and ultimately a space for you to connect more deeply with yourself – a space to come home to. Each session crafted with care to meet what is alive for you.

My intention is to create a supportive space for you to attune somatically so that you may explore the innate intelligence of your body. Embodiment practices – deep listening, intentional rest and tracking sensation – support us to strengthen our relationship with our selves and our cells, enabling us to feel more connected to all of life, human and non human.

 “Somatics is the field which studies the soma: namely, the body as perceived from within by first-person perception.” – Thomas Hanna, Excerpt from the Article “What is Somatics?

“Cami is a treat. She knows her work so well and she is both poetic and pragmatic in the way she delivers it. We cannot recommend her highly enough. She was born to do this work.”

– Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan, Founders of Movement Medicine


“Go to the well of the body daily

Drink deeply from the healing waters of life

Oceans of wisdom moving

in the rhythm of moon and stars

Cyclical tides of change and dissolution

Call all who come to rejoice

in the regeneration

of all things

and to enter a Mystery

we will never understand.”

Penny Allport, Moving Ceremonies

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