Earthen Echoes is a Yin Yoga & Live Music Journey inspired by the wisdom of the seasons – inviting you to dive into the depth of sensation through embodied awareness.

There are no upcoming Earthen Echoes journeys at this time.

“I’ve traveled the world with yoga and have tried many different styles, Cami’s whole presence and teachings in yin yoga are comparable to none.”

– Nadia le fer, participant

“Cami’s classes are both unique and deeply moving. Her meditative voice and the long and releasing postures of yin yoga take you on a spiritual journey deep within your body and mind. The talented musicians take you to a place where you can let go and just Be.”

– nadia le fer, participant

 •  Hang Drum • Guitar  •  Gong Bath  •  Shamanic Drumming  •  Mantra  •  Singing Bowl  •  Mbira  • Heart Song  • Native American Flute  • Songs of the land •

yin yoga

Cultivating attuned sensory awareness and embodied presence, Yin Yoga is a powerful practice that brings balance to our busy yang lifestyles.

As we sink into stillness and surrender into the poses for extended amounts of time we drop deeply into the intricate web of our connective tissues – fascia, ligament, tendon & bone. We call these our ‘yin’ tissues because they are nourished through receptive yin-style practices, unlike our ‘yang’ tissues (muscles) which are stimulated through more rigorous activity. Yin Yoga supports the health and vitality of our whole body and is often called ‘yoga for the joints’ as it can increase mobility, flexibility and circulation.

This healing practice offers us a meditative space to listen deeply to our body. Through long yin holds (1-5mins), we explore our sensorial, emotional and mental edges with gentleness. Rather than ‘pushing through’ we learn to meet these edges with breath and compassion.

Most importantly, Yin Yoga encourages us to trust in our own organismic intelligence through our direct sensory experience promoting the wellness of body, mind, spirit and soul.