Dear Friends,

With the fresh green shoots of Imbolc beneath my feet and the exquisite syzygy of yesterdays Super Blue Moon Eclipse – this feels like a powerful time for new beginnings so I’m going to take the big jump and announce the birth of my new website!

I feel deeply resourced by my ‘web’ of support in this creation – a wellspring of generosity and encouragement has made the birth of my first website possible. Not just in the literal making of it but each of you who’ve shown up and participated in classes and workshops over the passed twelve years – your presence and curiosity has informed my enquiries greatly, helping to shape the bends of my riverbed.

Dedicated wholly to strengthening our relationship with the earth, I believe that this work begins with the care of our body – the borrowed clay pots that we are! My love for the land, somatic curiosity and reverence for the rhythm of seasons is braided together in all aspects of my work.  Earthen Alchemy is an expression of my deep enquiry and care. 

Thank you Bex Clelland of Into the Woods Photography for your impeccable eye and for our days together on the land with your lens. Jamie, my love, thank you for your continual patience and support in this process, you truly are a computational wizard! Check out Fractal Teapot to explore Jamie’s amazing artwork.

Our next Earthen Echoes  event is Tuesday 13th of March Yin Yoga & Heart Song with Susie Ro.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and regular Blog posts.

I hope this message finds you well, happy Imbolc!


For the earth,

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