Its hard to believe mid august is already here but I can feel the wheel turning and the whispers of Autumn in my ear. Full of chlorophyll and insect nibbles, I see the leaves tiredly preparing for their grand descent. Berries and hazelnuts abound, and newborn bumble queens already searching for the perfect little hole to hold them through their long winter hibernation .

A glorious summer it has been, but for me a deep sigh of relief comes always at this time of year. My summer energy has begun to wane and a longing to cozy up and light the fire kindles in my bones.  For those of you who find this transition a struggle, I hope you’re soaking up as much summeryness as possible and feel fully satiated by the time the spinning wheel tips us into what us Canadians call Fall. The swallows and squirrels prepare for next season reminding me that change is afoot and a few seeds of my own are beginning to fruit this Autumn.

In these changing times it has become clear that to make space for new dream seeds to sprout, the time is also ripe to let go. After much reflection, I have decided to bring our Earthen Echoes Yin Yoga & Sound Journeys to a close in December. It’s a difficult decision but I feel ready to direct my energy into new creations. I sit here in humble appreciation for all of you that have been a part of the Earthen Echoes community. Our final event in December will mark two years at the Hex and will be our twentieth Journey. I’ve had the great pleasure of working with eight very talented musicians who’ve infused their own flavour of sound into the space. It has been an absolute joy to co-create these evenings with Lua Maria, Matthew Birch, Faze Al, Elise Yuill Cohen, Susie Ro, Helen Knight, Suzy Crockford and James Frost. Thank you to all who’ve joined us, for your presence and receptive hearts, for co-creating ceremonial space to come home to – I am forever grateful. It is my prayer that the echoes of these journeys continue to nourish you and your circles of care.

Our final Earthen Echoes dates are 11th September, 23rd October and 11th December (so remember to make note in your diary!) and I warmly invite you to join Elise Yuill Cohen and I on the 11th September for a deeply nourishing evening of Yin Yoga & Mantra Sound Healing.

It may be that after a break the inspiration flows to offer a pop-up Earthen Echoes event every once in a while but for now it feels time to bring this beautiful chapter to a close.  If you would like to continue working together, I also offer small group and one to one sessions, feel free to contact me if you’re interested.

Thankfully falling fruits have seeds inside them and I’m delighted to share that I’ll be continuing my studies with The School of Experiential Learning for the second year of the Experiential Anatomy Training and am honoured to be invited to assist on the first module – Cells to Skin – of Year One. I’m excited to announce that I’ve been invited to co-facilitate a Retreat at Sharpham House with Patti Summerville this November.


Scroll down to glimpse into The Meadow this Summer . Thank you for reading this little musing and I hope to see you this Autumn.

Harvest bless,
Cami x

Here are a few snaps of summer in The Meadow – from path making to daisy picking, straw hackle weaving and lots of tea with the bees. We’re very grateful for our friends, Ross Perrett and Bex Clelland for helping us weave the new straw hats for our log hives in preparation for winter. We’re now waiting for all the wildflowers to set seed before we scythe this Autumn. We’re absolutely thrileld that the yellow rattle seeds we sowed a year ago have taken. Its going to be interesting to see how this semi-parasitic plant will encourage more wildflowers and weaken the tough grasses. The bees seem very happy in their home and have been busy preparing their honey stores for the winter.


Sour, Doughy, Numb & Raw


If we are not together in the heart
what is point ?


When body and soul are not dancing,
there is no pleasure in colorful clothing.


Why have cooking pans
if there is no food in the house?


In this world full of fresh bread,
amber, and musk, what are they
to someone with no sense of smell?


If you stay away from fire,
you will remain sour,
doughy, raw, and numb.


You may have lovely just-baked loaves
around you, but those friends cannot help.
You have to feel the oven fire yourself.

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