welcome to earthen alchemy

“16 million tons of

rain are falling every second

on the planet
an ocean
perpetually falling
and every drop
is your body
every motion, every feather, every thought
is your body
is your body…”

Drew Dellinger, Love Letters to the Milky Way

Excerpt from “Hymn to the sacred body of the universe”

“Cami creates exquisite spaces for gentle exploration through body movement and connection with the natural world. I came away from each experience feeling relaxed, more attuned, and full of gratitude.”

– Emma Cunnis, Founder of Dartmoor’s Daughter


cami rose


Born in Vancouver, Canada, I returned to my ancestral home in 2013, landing in the rolling Devonshire hills on the Dartington Estate. With nearly 20 years of experience in Somatics, I have studied Yoga, Continuum Movement, Sensory Tracking & Perceptual Enquiry with my mentor, Penny Allport.

I’ve facilitated embodiment classes & workshops for the passed 12 years – certified in Yin, Hatha & Prenatal Yoga. Currently enrolled in a Holistic Anatomy Training with The School of Experiential Learning and recently I completed the first year of Betonica’s Medical Herbalist Practitioner Training.

My inspiration flows from listening deeply to the land and giving voice to the more than human world. An advocate for our pollinator & wildflower allies, I am a co-founder of The Meadow, a pollinator sanctuary on the Dartington Estate that aims to increase local biodiversity and facilitate a deeper understanding of native ecology.

Dedicated wholly to our relationship with the earth, Earthen Alchemy is an expression of my deep enquiry and care. Gratitude for all of my human, ancestral and elemental teachers who have encouraged me to explore what it means to be a relational being on this generous planet.

Humble bows of appreciation to Penny Allport, Suzi Crockford, Alison Yahna, Susan Harper, Emily Conrad, Rosalyn Maynard, Gloria Lemay, Michael Meade, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Steven Harrod Buhner, Mary Oliver, Daniel Odier and  John O’Donohue for all the ways you inspire my Work in the world.

Thank you to my greatest (human) teachers of all, my weird and wonderful family, I love you.

“Cami’s classes are not like any other yoga class I have ever experienced, and having now moved away from Devon I am finding it very hard to find a yoga class that matches my high expectations born from her classes. Cami provides a space to melt into, to come alive and to awaken into the experience of being embodied. She not only invites us into our bodies in the most sensual way, but also invites us into a deep connection with life – her sessions are prayers for the life we share through our individual bodies and through the wider body of the Earth.”

– Beth Thomas, Founder of Roots into Reverence


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